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The brain observing itself

Changes itself

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Focus and Concentration


They call it ADD, but the problem in your brain might not be your inability to pay attention, as much as your brain’s difficulty in deciding which squirrels to chase when, and which ones to let go by. We are hard-wired to re-orient to change, but technology and other modern accelerators of change all around us have left us feeling like one dog chasing 12 squirrels in a circular stand of trees. Brainwave Optimization® can help you put a leash on the squirrels instead of the dog!

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Headaches and Chronic Pain

A headache as a ‘breaker box’ for my brain?

Just like the wiring in your house that’s designed to handle a limited load at a time, the circuits of your brain are subject to overload as well. Headaches and migraines can be a good way for your brain to ‘shut you down’ when your circuits are getting over-whelmed. Brainwave Optimization® can help your brain upgrade its own circuits!

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Fearfulness and Stress

What is Anxiety Telling You?

Stress and trauma that we are aware of, and even that we are not aware of, that gets ‘coded’ as such in our internal systems can trigger, just by association, the anxiety sensation our brains are hardwired to use to keep us away from a known danger. Brainwave Optimization® can help your brain ‘recode’ those triggers so that they don’t set you off when you trip over the associations—known and unknown—that are triggering the response now.

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How can your brain see itself?

The technology translates your brains native language of frequency into an identical language of sound so that it can watch its own self functioning in real time, like in a mirror. By doing this, your brain can find and correct its own 'programming glitches' and reset itself.

Flexible Brain Equals Resilient Life

Life Challenges

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It's just like filming your golf swing to see what you're doing wrong.

It's only that we don't tend to think of the brain as having it's own form of self-awareness, outside of our conscious mind's involvement, that we overlook this basic principle of all living things.

Life Challenges

When the brain is experiencing a state of disharmony and imbalance in its own electrical impulses, it is also giving disharmonious, poorly-timed, or out of rhythm, and imbalanced signals to the rest of the body! Bad signals result in bad outcomes such as:

  • emotional instability and dis regulation
  • poor cognitive performance
  • sleep and hormone dis regulation
  • physical pain and slow recovery from illness
  • poor physiological and psychological responses to stress and trauma

Click here to determine if you are experiencing a severity of symptoms such that it makes sense for you to proceed with Brainwave Optimization®.

How old is this technology?

The parent company, Brainstate Technologies, in Scottsdale, Arizona, was created in 2001 and currently has about 175 provider offices in 20 different countries.

Discover the Science Behind Brainwave Optimization


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Is there any research being done on this technique?

Wake Forest University Medical Center in North Carolina has been conducting independently funded clinical trials of this methodology known as HIRREM since 2011, including many published papers in peer reviewed journals.


Brainwave Optimization® is not a medical device or procedure. It has been extensively studied by independently funded research in both the Department of Defense and privately at Wake Forest University Medical Center. What is being studied in Brainwave Optimization® studies is how well someone else’s brain changed itself. Therefore, these peer-reviewed, published studies and papers should be taken as information only and not as proof of anything. How well your brain will respond to anything, including any trauma itself, can not be predicted in advance, or therefore even be the subject of a study you were not the subject of. Studies of ANY modality should not be taken as proof that that modality will have any effect on you, no matter how they are worded or who pays for them. I think we all know this by now.

Wake Forest University Medical Center has created a RESEARCH PAGE to keep people up to date on their research into HIRREM® technology and can be referenced for the latest published studies as they become available.

Click here to see other peer-reveiwed published research.

How many people are we talking here?

At current, over 100,000 people world-wide have experienced Brainwave Optimization® in one of our 175 provider's offices in 20 different countries.

How Did I Get into This Work?

My Story – Car Crash

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How does the brain react to trauma?

The brain will often install the solution or the 'antidote' to a traumatic situation into the new, post-trauma edition of its 'standard operating procedures manual'. Whatever gets you as far away from repeating THAT experience as possible becomes the 'new rule'.

My Story – Car Crash

The Accident

In short, I fell asleep driving and flipped a car at 75 mph along a Texas highway back in 1994. The car traveled the width and distance of at least a football field before it came to rest on its top. But my brain would not find its rest for another 15 years! Chronic insomnia was my brain’s ‘new rule’ to correct for falling asleep just before a traumatic event. And chronic tightness and subsequent headache were my brain’s ‘new rule’ to correct for becoming a rag doll in a rolling car.

The brain often does the opposite of its perception of the problem and installs that as a hard and fast solution going forward—quality of life, not withstanding! Brainwave Optimization® gave my brain the resources it needed to re-write its own response to that trauma, this time under better conditions: like total relaxation with a good ‘work light’ and a ‘well-aimed mirror’, so it could see what it was doing!

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Don't blame your amygdala—it's just doing its job!

Trauma causes these 'new rules' to be stamped with a 'chemical marker' of significance that is extremely hard for the brain to overlook going forward. Again, this is a feature, not a flaw, but it needs to be managed and not just suppressed.

How Does Brainwave Optimization Work?

The Process

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How long does this take

We start with a series of sessions done over the course of 3-5 days and then after a few months of integrating those changes that the brain makes to its own functioning, we do a few more sessions in close succession and repeat as necessary over the course of a number of months.

The Process


What is Brainwave Optimization®?  This is a short 3 minute video that explains the process very well.


In a systematic and incremental way, the brain is given an auditory mirror of itself—to watch its own self functioning in real time—in each location. In so doing, the brain can see its own imbalances between the two sides of the brain and within specific regions of the brain, and bring those frequencies into balance and harmony. The sound feedback mirrors the brain’s own activity. There is no pre-produced sound played to the brain. Your brain writes the music and the software plays THAT music to your brain in real time. Just like a composer sitting at a piano writing music, playing, re-writing, re-playing until it gets it perfect!

Click here to see how trauma impacts the brain.

One client's experience

"There is now an overseeing awareness to my mental and emotional experience that is always present observing me and my engagement with life in a helpful coaching role. I am creative and productive in my business and personal life again!"

Take the Mystery Out of It

Additional Videos

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Is this considered safe?

This non-invasive process allows your brain to go through its own self-guided 'restart' protocol—closing down unused programs, re-allocating the energy used to run those programs to something more current, and upgrading your software when needed.

Additional Videos

Dr. Sung Lee, our Director of Research discusses Brainwave Optimization in ‘A Physicians’ Perspective’.

Dr. Robert Scaer, a traumatologist and early consultant with Brainstate Technologies discusses the ‘Freeze Mode’ in animals and humans

Auto accident victim gives his testimony for Optimize Me

Life-long migraine sufferer gives her testimony for Optimize Me

See videos here

Our Emergency Response System?

Contrary to our culture's attraction to high-drama, the less we can ratchet up our brain and body's response to perceived and actual emergencies, the healthier we can be! Brainwave Optimization® helps your system strike the appropriate cord when dealing with stress and trauma and find its own way back home to neutral afterward.

What to Expect

What to Expect

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Is this neurofeedback?

No, actually, it's not. We use EEG sensors to read brainwaves, and that's about where the similarity ends. This is not extrinsically reward-based nor does it use the conscious mind to do anything!

What to Expect

We begin with a 2-hour assessment and full consultation to find what areas of imbalance exist at present. Brainwave Optimization sessions are 2 hours in length and are done 2 times a day with a 2-hour break in between, for 3-5 days straight. This ‘intensive’ process is followed up a number of months later by 2-3 shorter mini-intensives over the course of 12 months. This is a process, not an event. Although changes are often experienced very quickly, many layers are typically present and follow up sessions are highly encouraged to make these changes permanent.

Is this a medical procedure?

Categorically NO! Allopathic medicine can often disregard the brain and body's own ability to heal itself. Your skin heals its own cut underneath the bandage you place there to protect it while its vulnerable. Brainwave Optimization® is essentially a way of holding your brain in its own unique bandage so it can disassemble what isn't working and assemble what will.

Case Studies and Testimonials


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Brainwave Optimization® isn't a cure!

It's not the product of a process, like a book that gets written. It's more like giving you the word-processing program that allows you to write the book! It's foundational and transformational. But it's not the final step.


I experienced deep joy during cancer treatment – wow!

When I had to deal with the shock of the news, the psychological and emotional stress of making treatment choices, and experiencing the depression and anxiety that can come with cancer, I had a brain that was resilient, objective, aware, and masterful. Brainwave optimization® gave me a natural antidepressant effect: I was aware of hard emotions, I could choose to give over to them for full expression without worry that I might stay there, and inevitably I would bubble back up to the surface to enjoy my life right where I was! I experienced deep joy during cancer treatment – wow!


Thank you Stacey!

I went to Optimize Me for sessions related to depression.  I had tried other modes of healing including medication.  They all helped, just not enough.  After a week of sessions with Stacey, I felt and continue to feel balanced, both emotionally and mentally.  It's been over three years and I still feel great.  Thank you Stacey!


Thank you

As you know, what with starting an exciting new business from scratch, I've been looking to use every tool I have so I can stay in the game, at full stretch. That's why I came to you recently for a booster series. A week later, I'm noticing increased creativity, less procrastination, and a subtle but persistent upgrade in my baseline mood. I was looking for all that, and I am glad to experience it, thank you.


Advances in neuroscience!

We now have the only active 4-channel audio brain-mirroring technology in the world! The newly released Mindfulness/Prayer/Meditation protocol gives your brain the unique view of itself allowing it to harmonize in 4 important locations at once.

An Owner's Manual Every Brain Owner Needs to Have

The Grey Matters

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What a tangled web we weave!

When the brain is trying to undo the knots it has often tied itself in by responding under duress to a threatening situation, it can be helpful for it to be able to see what it's doing and know how it did it!

The Grey Matters

Latest News

Homeostasis versus allostasis…what’s the difference?
I am often asked ‘how is this different from an allopathic medical model in terms of a treatment for a condition?’ And the answer is a pretty radical ‘inside-out’ difference! Read the entire article.

‘Mindfulness’ for the deep brain is not terribly unlike mindfulness for the conscious mind
What does mindfulness practice, stoic philosophy, ancient wisdom traditions, and leading-edge brain science all have in common? Read the entire article.

"Brainwave optimization® has made such a huge difference in my life...

and Stacey's expertise in explaining and applying this modality has helped me achieve the highest level of functioning I’ve ever known. All of that in the middle of cancer treatment, no less!"

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